Research Grants Singapore, Get Success With Enhanced Technology

SIIRD, also called The Singapore Israel Industrial R&D foundation, is a joint association by the ESG and Israel innovation authority for the sole purpose of promoting, facilitating, and supporting collaborations related to R&D among companies based in research grants Singapore and Israel among different industries.

With joint R&D cooperation and SIIRD’s financing, organizations have

  • Invented new products
  • Enhanced technology
  • Made new markets for themselves
  • Reduced time to bring new and enhanced products in the market
  • Enhanced their portfolio for the consumers

Benefits of using SIIRD research and development funding

  • It shares the risk with the companies
  • It does not take any share in the equity
  • It does not share any copyright of already developed projects
  • It does not demand any collateral

Who can apply for funding?

The application should be submitted jointly by companies registered in Singapore and Israel. One of the companies should hold at least 20% shareholdings in the company. The project must be launched and managed in either Singapore or Israel. Minimum 30% of the research and development work must be done in Singapore and Israel. Products or products which are being developed must have a potential for earning in the future.

It will get your work done in a very convenient way to get success with technological advancement.

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