Virtual AGM Singapore: Features and Eases!

The world is dynamic, and so are its components. Technology is advancing day by day without a pause. To climb up the ladder, one needs to keep up with the trends and techs. If you lag, your competitors are going to take advantage. Amidst the pandemic situation where social distancing has become mandatory, how will you conduct Annual General Meetings? To help solve your problem, some of the best companies out there are willing to help you host Virtual AGMs. What is a virtual AGM? How to conduct a Virtual AGM Singapore? To get all your answers, keep reading the article.

Meaning of Virtual AGM:

Such meetings are conducted via live video streaming to hold a conference or webinar. To make this happen, your company needs an opulent AGM assistant who will be there to guide you with every steam without hassles. Companies that host such meetings are more than just regular webcasters. It would make you and your staff feel like you are all present in a meeting room and not just in a virtual space. The number of entries is huge, and it offers interruption to fewer meetings. Moreover, you could even conduct polls and other interactive sessions to make a meeting more lively.

Features of Virtual AGM:

The list comprises of features provided by such companies.

  • There is a restriction on entries. Only users who have registered with the meeting session beforehand can log in.
  • People can join the meeting from anywhere or any device as long as they have an internet connection.
  • Individuals and shareholders can submit their questions with the text or poll options provided.

With such a vast range of features, why not try Virtual AGM Singapore services today? Enjoy the ease of holding annual meetings like never before.

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