Determinants of a comprehensive digital vehicle inspection

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Even though DVIs are commonly discussed on a day-to-day basis, some people still tend to neglect them and prefer to go the way of paper-based inspection. Whereas the DVIs are quite an interesting feat. DVIs also have a very significant level of importance, as this method helps you manage your checklists, give comments, give estimates, and add pictures and videos.Once all these are imputed, you send the report to the customer.

DVI also eradicates the presence of the customer around the workplace because with all the reports being detailed, the customer knows what exactly is wrong with the vehicle through automobile shop management software. This also helps the customer to advise the technician on the report to know if the proposal is approved. DVI also gives transparency between the customer and the technician because with pictures and video attached, there won’t be any hiding place for price hiking or incompetence.

Why do we need DVI?

It helps to eradicate paper problemsbecause one need to get a printer, paper, and other things and these things are costly

Online videos and pictures: We are in a digital world, once the customers see the pictures and videos, it enables the customer to approve and also reduce the customer’s time in the workplace.

The performance of the brake is an important part of the vehicle that needsan inspection. If the technician discovers the brake is not functioning properly, then the car won’t pass inspection.One needs to check them before inspection and get them fixed. While the inspection is going on, the technician will put the brake in place and test the gear of the car to be sure it is working perfectly.

Alignment of the steering also determines the inspection, a technician will check round the car components to see if there are any loose parts and if this is found, the technician will alert the owner. If it is slightly faulty, it can be overlooked, but if it is bad, then it needs to be fixed immediately.

Also, if the seat belt is bad, then one can’t pass an inspection. It needs to be accessible and in good shape.

The light of the vehicle needs to be working properly to have a good vehicle inspection. When we talk about light we mean the beam light, front and backlight, brake light, and others.

One other important benefit of the DVI is the safety of the customer from the technician. Comprehensive DVIs helps:

  • Put a trust between the technician and the customer due to evidence like pictures and video put together in the DVI report.
  • It is quicker and more reliable than paper inspections because DVI is done online while paper inspection is done manually.
  • Consistency: keeping the history of your inspection gives your work quality. 


Note that vehicle inspection helps to make our cars work perfectly so that we won’t put our life and other road users’ life at risk. Let’s take the inspection seriously as you want other users too to take theirs. We understand it costs more but one still needs to take it seriously.

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