What You Need To Know About Face Comparison Software

Did you know that a digital signage supplier utilizes face comparison software systems to identify viewers and play content that is targeted to them? This is particularly useful in retail to recognize repeat customers, if they opt in, and helps retailers implement successful loyalty programs. Well, it is not difficult to see why face comparison software is so popular these days. But what are face comparison software systems? How do they work? And how do face comparison platforms differ from one another? Read on.

What is face comparison software?

It is a type of face analysis system that identifies faces in digital signage images. It then compares them with pre-recorded face templates, where each person’s face has been mapped by one or more ‘feature points’ (i.e., the distance between eyes and the distance from your head to your chin). If there is a match, the system triggers an alert, such as displaying information on the screen.

Uses of face comparison software

As aforementioned, the use of face comparison software has become widespread in the market. The face verification tool is used for various purposes by both private individuals and companies, including:

  • Security applications – The face comparison software provides an accurate way to verify people’s identity when entering a building or room. It also helps prevent unauthorized access into secure areas, which could be harmful if someone other than its intended users gained entry passcodes etc.
  • Marketing Applications – For marketing professionals, face recognition technology proves very useful. It allows them to speed up their operations while helping keep unwanted visitors away from events that a specific audience, etc., should only attend.
  • Automated check-out at retail outlets- face recognition software can be used to speed up the process of face matching customers when they are checking out in retail outlets.
  • Defense applications for recognition of enemy forces, terrorists etc- Government and security agents use face comparison software to identify terror suspects and help avert terrorist attacks

What is the difference between face recognition and face comparison?

Face comparison software’s main function is to take a sample face and compare it against an entire database. In other words, face comparison compares the scanned face to each face in the database one by one until a match is found.

On the other hand, Face recognition uses neural networks that can recognize faces from any angle, even when they are partially covered.

What should you consider before using face analysis technology?

Companies need to check whether their state has legislation covering this type of data gathering and what steps must be taken so that such information does not fall into the wrong hands. If your company works with sensitive information regarding customers, then protecting such data becomes paramount.

In summary

Face comparison is a technology that is taking over and being implemented in most digital signage companies. The best face recognition software will ensure your business is compliant with the latest legislation, protect data against malicious intents and provide you with a secure method of ensuring customer safety.

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