Standalone Software – All You Need To Know

Standalone software is also known as brand protection software which helps in business purposes. The primary aim of this software is to integrate with pricing products or better say, e-commerce. To offer pricing and product details, the standalone programs integrate with Product Information Management (PIM). This article aims to discuss the various features of standalone software and how they do their job.

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What are the characteristics of a brand protection software ?

Some factors need to be considered while buying brand protection software. These factors can also be counted as important characteristics of brand protection software. Some of the characteristics are mentioned below –

  •       High speed-

The Software must be efficient enough to take down websites that are harmful enough to the brand. Many websites use the brand’s trademarks and logos and commit fraud. So, the software must be efficient enough to take down the website as soon as possible. A website is active daily, this indicates that more and more people are being affected, and hence the company will lose its customers. The software must take down these websites so that the company is saved.

  •       Accuracy –

Being accurate is one of the crucial properties of brand protection software. The software must know which website is harmful to the reputation of the company and which is not. If the software takes down a website that is not harmful to the company, then the company might have to face legal struggles.

  •       Easy to use-

The software must be user-friendly and must be easy to use. It must function in such a way that it can be used by anyone in the company without technical support.

  •       Must be affordable –

The software must be affordable so that it can easily be used by the company. The affordability factor also affects the longevity of the software. If the software is sold at affordable prices, then it can be used by the company for longer terms.

How does brand protection software work?

Brand protection software uses a series of steps to protect a company’s reputation and save it from further mishaps. Following are the steps used by brand protection software.

  •       Detect-

The software detects infringements, by looking at the texts and images. If a website copies the content from the company’s website, then this software detects the website.

  •       Discarding-

The software has tools to detect counterfeits and take further actions. This step involves the use of image recognition tools and logic rules.

  •       Cluster-

The software finds copied work from a cluster. It uses data points to check which website has been copied from the original website.

  •       Remove-

The best part of the software is that if it finds that a particular website has been copied from the company’s website, then the software takes down the website immediately.


In a nutshell, brand protection software is the only savior for websites in this virtual era. They take every possible way to maintain authenticity across the web and it ensures that the company’s reputation is saved.

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